Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew

With a 10-year warranty and an award winning lever-style design it is no wonder that the Rabbit corkscrew is the most popular corkscrew on the market. Released in 2000 by Metrokane: a world leader known for providing wine accessories; the rabbit corkscrew is "a must have" for the wine lover. Why? Because it makes opening a bottle of wine easy and fast! Instead of having to pull the cork from the bottle, you use a lever action, which does all of the work for you. The Metrokane corkscrew is not the only lever corkscrew. The first one was patented years before. However, since the rabbit corkscrew entered the market, many knock-off designs have followed. Some are slightly less expensive than the Metrokane Rabbit, however, what you get with this wine opener is: a sturdy device, no broken corks, and an ergonomic design, where brute strength and strain is unnecessary.

What the reviewers say?

  • In December 2003, Fortune Magazine named the Rabbit Lever Vacuum Pump one of "The 25 Best Products Of The Year."
  • Business Week -- won the IDEA 2001 Award by the Industrial Designers Society of America
  • Recieved the GOOD DESIGN Award from Chicago Athenaeum Museum

How it works:

The Metrokane rabbit corkscrew is designed with 2 handles that grip the top of your bottle of wine. Within 3 seconds, based on reviews and trial, the top handle drives its way into the corkscrew and pops it out. With another quick movement to the top handle, the cork is ejected from the apparatus.

The Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew
Wine Opener Gift Set

Priced From: $29.99
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How much does it cost?

Available in both silver and black, this corkscrew will cost you under $50 (and Amazon sells it for just under $40). There are also other varieties of the "Rabbit." One the best for giving as a gift is the "gift set or tool kit. The 6 piece set come with: 1)The original Rabbit Corkscrew; (2) Foil Cutter; (3) Drip-Stop Ring; (4) Wine/Champagne Sealer; (5)Wax Whacker--handy tool for removing wax seals; (6)Spare spiral for the Rabbit.

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