Wine Cooler Reviews

Consumers looking to buy a wine cooler for refrigeration and storage purposes have a number of options. Manufacturers such as: Haier, Danby, U-Line, Magic Chef, Avanti, Marvel, NewAir, Vinotemp, Whynter, and Eurocave make various wine cooler models, with prices beginning at around $150.

How to Choose a Wine Cooler?

There are a number of wine refrigeration options depending upon budget, needs, and desire; however, the first place to begin, is to determine how many bottles of wine will need chilling/storing, and add on a little extra capacity for the collection to grow. Another consideration is: What type of wine will be stored? To store and chill both red and white wine separately, a 2-temperature zone wine refrigerator is essential. This will allow the user to set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature range for each type. One can also buy a 3-temperature zone, or multi-temperature zone cooler. To learn more about the following manufactures, and to help the consumer better understand key factors before buying, review the following:

How Much do Wine Coolers Cost?

This depends largely on:

  • Manufacturer
  • Size
  • Features
  • Discount

Manufacturer - For example, one will typically pay more for a comparable Haier wine refrigerating cabinet over a brand like Danby, simply because Danby manufactures mid-priced units, and Haier wine coolers are more, pricey. Review the Brand List Below, to get a general idea of what price-level appliance you are looking for.

Size -This is the bottle count or capacity for the number of wine bottles needed to be refrigerated. A wine refrigerator can be as small as a 6 bottle units or as large as a 500 bottle cooler.

  • $50 to $80 - in this price range typical capacity is 6 to 12 bottles from brands: Koolatron, Avanti, Haier, Danby and Emerson. Wine chillers from brands: Coldmate, Cooper and Waring Pro
  • $100 to $200 - in this price range typical capacity is 16 to 28 bottles. Consider NewAir Thermoelectric 18 and 28 bottle coolers with excellent customer reviews
  • $200 to $500 - in this price range typical capacity is 21 to 35 bottles. Features within this range often include: digital controls, 2-zone cooling
  • $500 to $1000 - in this price range Avanti and Danby offer many good choices
  • $1000 to $2000 - looking for a wine fridge to store around 150 bottles of wine? How about elite brands like U Line or Electrolux Icon?
  • $3000 to $5000 - this is the price range for purchasing a wine cabinet (200 to 500 bottles)
Features - A number of features will cost you, here are several examples: (1) temperature zones, (2) sliding adjustable shelves, (3) stainless steel, (4) interior light, (5) digital temperature control.

Are there Energy Efficient Coolers?

Wine refrigerators by nature are thermally insulated enclosures. However, two energy efficient features to look out for are:

  • 1) Double panel glass doors - Offer better insulation properties and UV protection
  • 2) Thermoelectric Cooling Systems - These units use no ozone-depleting chemicals such as: CFC's or HCFC's

Cooling- What's the Difference Between Compressor and Thermoelectric?

The inherent benefit of Thermoelectric cooling is that it is very quiet with very few moving parts. This technology benefits those looking to preserve and age wine, as the process of sedimentation, (important in aging wine) is not disturbed by vibration. Wine cellars that cool by compressors do cause vibration; however, if short term storage is the goal - 1 to 2 years- this should not be a concern.

Types of Wine Cooler Refrigerators: Most Popular - (Under counter wine coolers)

There are a number of different types of wine coolers available including:

  • Freestanding - A self contained, stand alone wine fridge
  • Built In - Install beneath a bar/kitchen countertop or within the framework of cabinetry, under counter chillers allow for seamless integrated design. Note: Most built-in units can also be installed as freestanding
  • Counter top- Many countertop models are designed to be compact enough to fit either underneath or on top of a counter. Bottle count capacity ranges from approximately 4 to 24 bottles.
  • Tower - Designed tall like a Tower; tower wine coolers offer space efficiency. A favorite is: Haier Thermal Electric 18 Bottle Wine Cooler, designed with 9 shelves and 2 bottles per shelf
  • 15" - Fits the space of an old trash compactor, these narrow, typically front venting fridges hold from 25 to 35 bottles. Great for tight spaces.
  • Wine Bottle Cooler - Single bottles can be cooled in approximately 5 minutes by using a sleeve which replaces an ice bucket. The sleeve has six pockets containing a special liquid that freezes solid when placed in a refrigerator's freezer for several hours. The sleeve then slips over a standard 750-milliliter wine bottle. Popular Brands: Vacu Vin and Rapid Ice; Cost: Under $15. Spend more and get rapid cooling with Popular Brands: Cooper Cooler and Waring Pro; Cost: Over $55

Compare Brands and Prices before Buying

What Consumer Reports Magazine says?

"Go online for smaller appliances. The online retail powerhouse has the highest satisfaction score in our survey for the 2nd year in a row. While you can't try on before you buy, you're likely to get great prices and selection as well as high quality."

Find brands: Danby, Haier, Avanti, NewAir, EdgeStar, Cooper Cooler, Emerson, Summit, Vinotemp and many more...

Shop for a wine cooler at

What is a Wine Chiller?

The purpose of a wine chiller is to be able to instantly, within seconds or minutes, chill a bottle of wine and bring it to the proper serving temperature. To learn more or buy, click here.

Why is front venting important?

For built in and under counter wine coolers you will need a front venting fridge. Front venting coolers can also be used as freestanding units.

Wine Cooling Guideline:

In order to preserve wine properly, maintaining consistent temperature and humidity is essential. Here are some basic temperature ranges for storing different types of wine:

Red Wine - Store between 55 to 60 Degrees F
White Wine - Store between 49 to 56 Degrees F
Rose Wine - Store between 49 to 51 Degrees F
Champagne - Store between 53 to 59 Degrees F
Humidity - Around 70%

Brand/Manufacturers Review:


Currently 2010 availability includes: 19 single zone wine coolers and 5 dual zone coolers. Avanti is a leading manufacturer of wine cooler refrigerators, attracting customers who desire quality at a medium-level price point. To learn more about Avanti wine coolers, click here to read our full review.


U-line was the first North American manufacturer to develop a residential wine storage unit, and has been doing so for over a decade. U-Line features its' trademark Wine Captain models which includes: 2-drawer units or 3 temperature zoned swing door units. For further aesthetics and options, U -Line also has two models: Echelon and Origins. The only difference between these models is their interior color. Echelon models house a black interior while Origins models house a white interior.

U-Line drawer wine cooler:

State of the art as well as being innovative. Here is some information and features:

  • Each drawer's temperature can be set independently between 40° F and 60° F
  • Interior lights can be illuminated in either one or both drawers for elegant bottle presentation when door is closed
  • Stable storage temperature, vibration safe environment and 50% internal relative humidity enable short or longer term storage
  • Tinted, thermal-tempered glass door protects your wine collection from potentially harmful light rays
  • Wine racks are black vinyl coated to prevent bottles from slipping
  • Accepts custom made wood drawer frames to integrate into any rooms overall design

U-Line swing door wine cooler:

These wine cabinets allow for storing three different types of wine at their optimum serving temperatures. For example: Top: Red wine @ 55 degrees F; Middle: White wine @ 50 degrees F; Bottom: Sparkling wines @ 45 degrees F. (Can also be used to store a single type of wine if desired)

  • Full extension slide out wine racks with black vinyl coating allow for easy access and prevent bottles from slipping
  • Tinted, thermal-tempered glass door protects your wine collection from potentially harmful UV light rays
  • Stable storage temperature, vibration safe environment and 50% internal relative humidity enable short or longer term storage

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