Wine Cooling Systems

As mentioned, wine cooling systems are designed to properly maintain a constant temperature (between 55 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity levels (between 50 to 70 percent); however, only under the right conditions. Before installing a refrigerator you will want to have the room, vapor sealed and properly insulated. Wine cooling systems and models are chosen based on room size, which is measured in cubic feet (L x W x Ht). Brands such as WhisperKool, CellarMate, Breezeaire and ChillR manufacture split and standard cooling units.

Types of wine cellar coolers:

Two main types of wine cooling systems exist and these are: (1) standard cooling systems and (2) split cooling systems. The less expensive of the two, the standard cooling system, is much like a built-in or through the wall air conditioner. This system needs to vent to an adjacent climate controlled room that is typically as big, or larger than your wine cellar. The split cooling system is two separate units, the condenser unit and the evaporator unit. The evaporator is typically wall mounted inside the wine cellar with the condenser located outside the house. (The two pieces of equipment must be approximately 50 linear feet apart, which in some cases means that the condenser will be located within the house).

Split cooling and standard cooling:

Both types of refrigeration systems are popular and choosing one over the other is a matter of situation and preference. Standard cooling systems cost less up front, and can be easily installed. Potential drawbacks include noise factor, and shorter life span (around 5 to 6 years) compared to a split cooling system. Split systems are useful when dealing with site difficulties or when additional flexibility is needed. Costs for this system are higher than standard ones, and to install, an HVAC person must be hired. However, the lifespan is about 15 or more years.

Brands and Costs:

Here are some of the well known players in the world of wine cellar coolers:
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