Wine Storage Racks Review

Wine storage racks offer you the ability to properly store wine (laying down) and to do so in a way that utilizes whatever space you have, efficiently. Racks can be bought individually or as kits online. What racking materials are available? The 2-most popular materials are wood and metal. Both types can be bought in varying sizes and styles, enabling you to store just a few bottles and up to a few hundred bottles. If you want wooden wine racks and are looking for the best price, go with Pine. This wood possesses a clean Scandinavian feel, and many of the sizable pine-wood wine racks (for example, a rack that holds 130 bottles of wine), can often be added too, to create a larger wine racking system. As with most wooden wine racks, you can paint, stain or leave natural.

If you prefer a metal wine rack, over wood, there are many nice choices available, and wrought iron is the most popular. Metal and wrought iron wine racks come in a number of styles. You can buy a small table top rack or go with a larger floor standing model. Either type will create an attractive focal point. Scroll-like patterning, so unique to wrought iron, makes for some of the most interesting and beautiful wine jails, trellis racks or countertop displays. For a modern look, contemporary metal racks, the company VintageView, makes ones where you can view your wine labels/bottles and enjoy the display.

Looking to Buy a Wine Rack

Types - Wall mounted, Hanging, Floor, Kits, Freestanding, Cubicles and Bins

Material - Metal, Wood, Wrought Iron

Storage Capacity - 3 Bottles - 2,000 Bottles

Wine Rack Buying Considerations:

  • What type of wine rack are you interested in? (1) counter top; (2) wall mounted; (3) free standing
  • If you want to buy a wine rack kit, do you want one that is? (1) stackable; (2) has bins and cubes; (3) a combination
  • How will you be using your wine racks? (1) for presentation and display; (2) for basic storage; (3) both
  • Is it important for you to be able to view the wine labels?

Wine Storage Rack Review:

1. About Racking Materials:

Wood - is the most popular material used in wine racking systems and many view--- hardwoods--- to be the best choice.
Redwood is an excellent choice for wine cellar racks because it, ( like oak and maple) is not aromatic.
Cedar is used in racking systems, however, the odor from cedar may not be the best choice if you are looking to store and age wines for a long time. Mahogany is another nice hardwood to consider.

Metal - racks are available & come in durable steel with chrome finish, black metal lattice, wrought iron and more. Often steel metal racks are chosen when many bottles need to be stored because many (check first) are: restaraunt quality, durable and the air circulates freely around the bottles. For affordiblity, and bang for your buck, look for basic black metal racks that have good storage capacity. Brand: Vintage View, makes unique metal wine racks. Their racks offer a different style of storage whereby bottles are stored sideways, allowing you to see and display the labels. These racks come in: 1 bottle, 2 bottle and 3 bottle deep; and, are in three and four foot sections, which can be stacked.

2. About Tabletop and Hanging Wine Racks:

One of the best ways to enjoy viewing your wine is to buy a small decorative wine rack that either hangs from the wall of ceiling or resides on a table top. These small racks are less about storage and more about style, but really, bring both to the table. For each type there are many styles to choose from. Brand: Cellar Master, makes a beautiful 6-bottle, wrought iron rack, that sells very well. But you will find an extensive number of stylish-metal racks in different styles and configurations. The same goes for hanging wine racks and small standing floor racks.

3. Difference Between Custom Racks Versus Kits?

The benefit to buying pre-made racks is the savings you receive. When comparing a potential modular racking system kit from's Designer Series, for an 8' x10' wine cellar, it turned out that to accommodate a wine collection between 1,000 to 2,000 bottles the kit would cost around $5000 or ($3/bottle) versus custom racking at $10,000 or ($6/bottle). Differences in design when buying custom; as with this example, illustrates cost increase; however, customization offers the inherent flexibility of design which allows for choice in features such as height and width, wood type, and creating a racking system designed as you wish.

To store individual bottles of wine, racks contain individual cubicles or openings. For bulk bottles of wine, diamond cubes are useful, and wood shelves can accommodate and display cases of wine. Other storage options include wall mounted, floor standing, hanging, tilted racks for presentation, decanting tables and wine cabinets.

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